Intercity Cup


Practical Info

Mobility / Accessibility

Algemeen Stemrechtlaan 22, 1080 - 1030 Schaarbeek
Stadion Crossing Schaarbeek

General tournament rules

Traditional Football Rules
11 vs 11
Max 23 players + 2 coaches
Each match 2 x 20 min - 10 min break
No extensions, direct penalty kicks on final day
Red card = 3 games suspended

Tournament Schedule

18.05.24 - First day

Group phase: 4 Group with each 4 teams
The 2 best teams from each pool advance to the knockout phase
Unlimited number of substitutions allowed
More info coming soon about the teams. Stay Tuned!

20.05.24 - Second day

Only the seeded teams will face each other
The opponents will be determined by the app Tournify
Direct elimination at loss
5 substitutions per match
Players can return to the field after a subsitution
Awards ceremony

Registration form Intercity Cup 2024

Intercity Cup is a 11v11 football tournament,
where you have to build your own team.
Note: Only registered players may participate, late additions will not be allowed.
When registering, each player must be named with the terms and conditions.
Invalid entries will not be considered!

1 person from each team submits the form
Minimum 15 and Max 23 players + 2 coaches
Each player must be at least 16 years old and max 24 years old
Registration fees for the tournament are € 460 excluding any sleeping places