Intercity Cup



Our concept is grounded in authenticity we do not make false promises to players. Instead, we offer a legitimate alternative through which they can showcase their abilities. It's a stark reality that only a mere 2% of all footballers eventually ascend to the professional level or experience a taste of it temporarily. We provide players with the opportunity to demonstrate whether they possess the potential to belong to that select group. Moreover, recruiters will be present at the event, offering an additional avenue for aspiring talents to be noticed and potentially propelled into professional careers. This evaluation takes place at the Intercity Cup, where reality supersedes mere speculation.

As the organizing body, we proudly operate as a non-profit organization, ensuring that all proceeds generated from our event remain within our organization. These funds are dedicated to enhancing future editions, underscoring our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and growth.

With the esteemed Mathias Pogba serving as the godfather of our event, we're deeply honored to have his invaluable support and guidance. Together, we are cultivating a vibrant culture, uniting under the banner of THE NEXT GEN. We eagerly anticipate welcoming all of you, whether you're here to support or represent your neighborhood, to our upcoming event!

Registration form Intercity Cup 2024

Intercity Cup is a 11v11 football tournament,
where you have to build your own team.
Note: Only registered players may participate, late additions will not be allowed.
When registering, each player must be named with the terms and conditions.
Invalid entries will not be considered!

1 person from each team submits the form
Minimum 15 and Max 23 players + 2 coaches
Each player must be at least 16 years old and max 24 years old
Registration fees for the tournament are € 460 excluding any sleeping places